Free Website Setup

Hi, and Welcome!

My name is Anton and I Will Build You a Website for $0.00
(You can read more about me and why I am doing this here).

What will you get?

Who is this offer for?

  • You have a website that needs to be redesigned or you have a pretty good idea of a new website you want to create.
  • You value security, speed and simplicity of a website more than some fancy features.
  • You want to get the site up and running fast and start offering services/products as soon as possible.

Who is this offer NOT for?

  • You need a custom solution, which requires many hours of programming.
  • You like your website to be unique and have many specific features.
  • You have lots of time and a big budget to spend on webdesign.

Offer Terms

As mentioned, the setup service is completely free to you, however there are some terms you should first agree on:

  • You must have either an existing website already with an old design, that needs to be “refreshed” or a clear idea what your site will be about, if it is a new project.
  • You agree to open new hosting account with US hosting company through my referral link (cost of hosting 5$/month).
  • You agree to go with one of the 2-3 designs picked from examples below.

The design examples

So, how to proceed?

If you like my offer and are ready to proceed, here a step-by-step process:

  1. Contact me here and tell you are interested in the offer
  2. We discuss and confirm details
  3. I help you opening new hosting account
  4. I will copy old website infor/You provide content for new website
  5. Domain name servers changed
  6. I will deliver your new website within 24 hours.