Monitor Google Search Ads Performance with DataStudio

Tracking Google Search Ads account performance can be a hassle.

A pretty neat instrument, that can help do it is – DataStudio from Google. It’s a pretty powerful instrument every marketer should at least know about.

I personally use Google DataStudio for Level 1/2 analysis of search ads performance. It gives me the better understanding how the account is performing overall and whether it needs immediate attention or not.

Usually my DataStudio report has 2 main dashboards:

  • Status Check
  • Details

“Status Check” Dashboard

The name says it all – this view helps me to better understand how the account has been performing during the last 30 days and what are the trends.

At a quick glance I get the general information about account performance, spend, ad position, conversions and most converting campaigns.

“Details” Dashboard

After checking the general 30 day stats, I want to know more details.

One of the keys of successful search campaign are keywords. This is also the area of my main focus. The numbers I’m looking at:

  • Cost per conversion
  • Bounce rate
  • CTR
  • Quality Score
  • Cost (ad spend for the period)

As a rule of thumb I select the most problematic KWs and deal first of all with those, that have the biggest ad spend.

Some supporting data on this dashboard helps me to make decisions.

  • General Google Ads stats
  • General Google Analytics stats
  • Conversions by ad groups
  • Impression share

Next step

If the account is performing according to KPIs – good.

If not, then I dig deeper using this mindmap.

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