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Click & Grow has great position in organic search and strong brand. However, it seems that their sales revenue has stagnated (based on openly available revenue reports for 2018/2019). Possible reason is the rising competition from sellers Amazon and the likes.

To continue the sales growth, Click & Grow would be wise to do the following:

  • Aggressive and consistent experimentation with ads/content.
  • The current strong position is the edge in the market – use it.
  • More personalized approach to lead nurturing – detailed lead segmentation and improvement of customer journey map.

Details: Search

Details: Social

Company is getting ~20% of its traffic from FB.
Would be interesting to do the attribution analysis to find out how important social traffic is in the customer journey process. If it is of significant importance, working on increasing engagement would benefit the sales directly. Currently the posts engagement is abysmal compared with the amount of followers (40K).

Cleaning of the followers or/and rapid content experimentation would be beneficial here.
Also I would use unique short URLs for each new posts. Using the old URLs could mess up the analysis.

Details: Paid Ads (Social & Search)

According to Click & Grow is advertising in multiple countries. Would be interesting to know the performance and goals of some of ads. As some of the creatives are over 6 months old.

The somewhat similar problem is with the search ads, where according to all creatives are basically the same.

On the positive note, the company uses retargeting quite actively.
As soon, as I visited the website, I was retargeted with the following creative:

Again, here I would suggest using more rapid experimentation.
Today, the problem banner blindness is real, the new norm is running 10s if not 100s of ad creative experiments to find what clicks the best and then scaling it.

Note: there are tons of experimentation possibilities. From trying different creative to different offers. From driving direct sales to getting more signups into messenger/email and then engaging them there.

Details: Segmentation

Segmentation and rationalization is a must. Click & Grow is already using Mixpanel, which allows to know the exact customer journey. It seems that it is using ActiveCampaign for email marketing automation, which also a superb solution.

With all those tools in place, looking more deeper into the numbers and adding additional scenarios in the ActiveCampaign would bring extra boost to the bottom line.

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