My PPC Search Account Management Mind Map

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Why to use mind map in PPC management?

When doing Google AdWords PPC Search campaign optimization there are many different elements that marketer should analyze – keywords, ads, Ad groups, bids, search terms and keywords, landing page experience, quality score, etc. Making analysis right off the bat can feel overwhelming, so using a system that would help marketer do the analysis step by step in an orderly manner will be advantageous.

My initial idea was to create a check list, that would help doing campaign management. However, after trying different variations of check lists, I came to conclusion that their logic is too limiting and simplistic, it is easy to miss some important steps.

Mind map however is very similar to the flow chart, which I love. Here you check the numbers and if account performs according to targets, then you leave it as it is. If the results are not satisfying, you move to a more detailed view. A step by step method, which leaves enough room for flexibility.

How to use the mind map?

I have divided the process of account analysis into 4 main levels.

Level 0 – check general account performance. First of all check the number and KPIs for the whole account. How is it performing (Impressions, Clicks, CPC, CTR, conv. rate, impression share, ad position)? Is the spend inline? Are the conversion numbers good?

Ideally you have some dashboard, that would update automatically or semi-automatically, where you see all those numbers. I personally prefer using Google Data Studio (read here how I do my AdWords analysis in Google Data Studio), as it pretty easy to setup once you know which indicators you wanna put in there.

Level 1 – analyze keywords in more details. If the performance of some campaigns inside the account is lagging, then it needs to be taken a more closely look at. I’m usually most interested in what search terms are triggered by the keywords and what is wrong there. For that I use Google Analytics reporting and look into bounce rate, time on site, number of pages visited. It gives me the initial idea. Then I check the search terms individually.

When I finalize the thoughts what needs to be improve I download the data from Account Manager or Google Editor and work with it there. I like working with Excel sheets, as this way I can keep the files with comments and then use them, when needed. After the changes are done, doing a peer review and uploading improved list back to Adwords.

Level 2 and Level 3the analysis of ad and landing page performance. Very often making changes to keywords is not enough and analyzing ad texts and how they correspond to the landing page is vital to improve overall account numbers.

The detailed process varies from client to client, but the main focus is to find the biggest money wasters (20/80 rule) ASAP. I personally, either remove them totally and put new live campaigns or test new campaign ideas by running an experiment.


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