SaaS content marketing strategy

Imagine, you are a marketing manager for a SaaS startup.
Your product helps ecommerce businesses print labels, ship and track their customer deliveries.

You need to come up with a working content marketing strategy.
Your team and your finances are limited.

What is the process of approaching this task?


Start with customer research.

Map down the sub niches in all the potential customer segments (SME and big companies).
Create avatars of decision makers (in case of big companies there are several stakeholders).
Determine 2-3 most lucrative ones in terms of CAC, LTV and resources required.

What are their fears, desires, triggers, goal, questions?
Think of a content that can tackle those emotions.

  • Fears
  • Desires
  • Triggers
  • Goals
  • Questions


Next, use your best judgement and collected data.

Decide on the following:

  • What type of content will be relevant to them? – research using Ahrefs, google trends, competitor product reviews, Reddit, Quora, Instagram hashtags, FB groups and all other sources where people might ask questions/share ideas about the shipping/labelling part of ecom business.
  • Channels of content distribution? – what channels make sense to focus on, should this be only owned channels or not, does it make sense to pay for distribution, etc.
  • Frequency? – how often to post.
  • Resource allocation? – where to put the most effort, time and money-wise.
  • KPIs? – how will you be tracking the progress (remember: each stage of the funnel has its own KPIs).

Once this is done, build a customer journey map (CJM).
Finally, start executing💪


Have at least a 30-day plan content plan.
Divide your content pieces into the following categories:

  • Conversational (Quiz, Test)
  • Educational (Case study, Review, How-to)
  • Entertainment
  • News/Events based
  • Reputational (Client Feedback, Influencer, About us, Expertise)
  • Sales

Create content that:

  1. Triggers certain emotion.
  2. Falls into one of the above 6 categories.
  3. Is closely aligned with the actions you want your audience to take along the customer journey.
  4. Can be repurposed.

Align it with the behaviour on each of the platforms you will be using for distribution.
For example, a YouTube video could be turned into a blog post, an Instagram carousel, reddit post, TikTok clip, etc.


Do this alongside the execution stage.
Goal – grow your authority inside the target audience community.

Take part in active discussions, be an expert.
Network. Establish personal contacts with other content creators in the space.
Use those contacts for cross promotion and content distribution (guest posts, etc.)

These activities will grow the reach further, as well as help with search engine rankings.


Have a monthly and quarterly goals in place.
What is working and what is not towards achieving them?

Take on experiments regularly, scale what works🚀 and stop what does not.
Follow the SCRUM framework.

Track all results and review them regularly with the team.

marketing scrum framework

Content marketing requires a lot of grinding and hard work.

Especially at the beginning, when you have to establish all the processes.
However, once it is setup, it works like a Swiss made timepiece.

Give it 6-12 months and you will see how your SaaS company is rapidly approaching Unicorn status.