Bootstrap marketing strategy for fintech crypto startup

Imagine, you are a founder of a B2B crypto startup offering payment getaway services.

Your clients are scattered accross the globe, as well as competitors.
You are entering the market in the beginning of 2021 and have no financial backing from investors.
You are doing marketing on a shoestring budget.

How should you start?👇

  • Be focused.
  • Be visible.
  • Expand.

Be focused

Crypto usage is still in the early stages, largely driven by the early adopters.
To get a place in this market, first, you will need to win a respect from the community.

The community is divided into 4 main buckets.
Each with their own main interest and emotional triggers.

Find the community that you can work with most efficiently.
Focus on it.
Make yourself recognized there.

Suppose, you are targeting Investors and Business owners/operators.

Promote yourself as thought leader to them.
Focus on high value content with a long lifespan and perceived value.

  • In depth research for investing opportunities.
  • ICO reviews
  • Case study for crypto currency use in real business.
  • Discussions of a long-term trends.
  • Building connections with the influencers on different platforms.
  • Adding video interviews and podcast later.

Be visible

Now as you are producing that content, make sure it is seen. Distribute is as wide as possible.
Repurpose/modify same content piece for each platform.

An example on how 1 piece of content could be distributed.

  • Reddita post about the fail rate of ICOs
  • YouTube – the same post in video format
  • TikTok – a 15 sec. version of a YouTube video
  • Instagram – a carousel version of a post
  • Twitter – link to the original Reddit post
  • Forums like – the same post as on reddit
  • Facebook groups/Linkedin/Quora – search for questions that post relates to and leave comments there.

Do it regularly, scale and get noticed by users and search engines.
Do collaborations and cross promotions.
Spend your limited budget on competitions and buying shoutouts.

Strategy in a nutshell: build authority that will help obtain future clients.


By constantly doing all of the above you start getting clients inside crypto community in 4-6 months.
Some decent money will begin rolling in.
Now it’s time to focus on activities outside crypto community.

Work with business audiences involved in iGaming, mobile apps, ecommerce, international trade, microfinance companies.
Switch from a crypto related content to why to adopt crypto.

New channels of distribution would be added:

  • Forums like
  • Niche Linkedin groups
  • Paid ads on different platforms.
  • Affiliate marketing partnerships
  • Creating products that will sell themselves – a white label turnkey solution any traffic heavy website/blogger can install on their site, so their fans can exchange money through it.
  • Build paid ads campaigns using traditional AARRR growth framework.

Strategy in a nutshell: start monetizing all that authority you have previously built up.