What type of content generated the most social engagement for a business magazine?

About a week ago I was asked to make an analysis, which type of content posted in a business magazine receives the most engagement from the visitors.

To do the job, a Facebook page of a well known online magazine Entrepreneur.com was analyzed. The methodology used, was the same as in mobile operators analysis back in August.

Entrepreneur.com is a big US online magazine, oriented to business owners and people thinking of starting their own business. It is estimated to receive about 9-10 million visits per month. 30% of which comes from social channels. To be more exact, 80% of social traffic is coming from Facebook. So, it is about 2,5 million people coming to the website from this social media channel.

Finding out, which of the Facebook posts gather the most interest for this online publisher, could help other online outlets and businesses to improve their content publishing strategy.


Altogether, the information from 1400 individual posts was analyzed, dating back to 2012. The data collected from the posts included:

  • text under image
  • number of comments
  • number of likes and shares

All posts were divided into 4 main categories: Inspirational Quotes, “How to…” type of articles, Infographics and all remaining posts.


Facebook shares


Facebook likes


Facebook comments



From the above we can conclude, that the most engaging type of content are infographics and quotes.

This is especially noticeable with facebook shares, where basically 10% of all posts (quotes and infographics) have generated 50% of all facebook shares for the Entrepreneur.com account.

While in case of comments and likes the results were not so astonishing, still, infographics have managed to gather almost 6 times more comments per post, than other type of posts.

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