Factors determining Google Ads Quality Score

Quality Score is an important factor in determining Ad rank and CPC in Google Search Ads.

Here is a cheat sheet that will help to better understand what influences this factor:

Historical performance.

Account history – Google takes into consideration, how advertising account has performed in the past.
Past keyword performance – in case there’s no prior history in the account for a certain keyword. Google evaluates based on historical data collected from other advertisers. It’s a bigger factor in the beginning.
Expected CTR – when there is not enough account history, Google grades the potential CTR based on multiple factors outside the account. Once the account and keyword have enough it replaces the expected CTR.
URL history – the past performance of advertised URL.

Current performance.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – biggest factor in QS (up to 60%). Improving CTR most definitely improves Quality Score.
Keyword/Search term relevance – If KW is triggering many search terms, your ad text and message are diluted, which in return lowers QS.
Ad copy performance – higher CTR means higher score. Google advises to use ad extensions to increase ad visibility, which in return increase CTR.
Landing page – evaluated ease of navigation, trustworthiness, clear purpose, speed, mobile friendliness. Recommended to page weight <1 mb. Load time <2 sec. Also, in the eyes of Google quick Bounces = low landing page experience.
Account/Ad Group/Campaign overall performance – all of these are taken into account as well.

Keep in mind also:
– QS at keyword level is actually based solely on the search term that exact matches your keyword
– Different performance depends on device.
– Like with devices, performance depends on geographic location.
– Performance depends on time of day/day of week.
– CTR is different on different ad positions.
– Keyword to ad ratio. The more KWs there is the higher chances to dilute message between KW and ad. So, use ad groups with lesser number of keywords better connected to your landing page offers.
– Ad extensions increase ad space and CTR.
– Proper account structure is matters.

To sum up, to achieve higher Adwords Quality Score make your ads as relative to searcher intention and use granular account structure with multiple ad groups to make your message better targeted.

Resources on Quality Score:

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