Estonian Mobile Operator’s Facebook Photo Likes Analysis (Part 2)

Using the data collected in the previous part, the effectiveness of freebie offers in generating “likes” and “shares” will be analyzed. The effectiveness will be measured simply by the number of “likes” and “shares” received for every post offering free mobile phone or something else since the operators’ Facebook pages were published.  The top 50 image posts with the most likes will be analyzed.

To identify the freebie offers by operators, the following keywords have been used: “võida”, “sheeri”, “loosime” (eng. translation “win”, “share”, “gift”).

It has to be noted though, that there are different types of freebies being offered by mobile operators, as well as different ways to earn them. While in some cases it is very easy – a person just has to like or share the post – other times the real effort is needed to earn some points, which then could be converted into the freebie offer.

Because freebie offers could be also different, ranging from the brand new mobile phones to a chocolate box or a tickets to a concert, for the purpose of this research, only the posts offering a brand new mobile phone or tickets to a concert will be taken into consideration.


Figure 1. The number of likes and shares by operator and free offer type.


Figure 2. The number of likes and shares by operator through time.



Elisa Has generated the most of engagement by offering free mobile phones to the fans. The best results this strategy brought in 2012, when the company has generated tens on thousands of likes and shares for handful of offers, see the above chart for more details.

EMT – offers more gifts in form of tickets than any other mobile operator. It seems that EMT fans are more likely to share content posted by operator, even if this is just a congratulation with a national holiday or some news release.

Tele 2 – like the previous two companies Tele 2 has been offering its fans mobile phones, tickets and prepaid plans in exchange for their social activity. However, more than other companies, they use different kind of games and contest, trying to involve their fans more closely. A good example is a writing contest, where the person writing the best recommendation of Tele 2 services to his friend/mother/colleague. The winner receives mobile phone and prepaid plan.

The Tele 2 social marketing strategy makes possible for mobile operator to hit two birds with one stone – getting free engagement, plus receiving new ideas it could use in future marketing campaigns.

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