Monitor Google Search Ads Performance with DataStudio

Tracking Google Search Ads account performance can be a hassle. A pretty neat instrument, that can help do it is – DataStudio from Google. It’s a pretty powerful instrument every marketer should at least know about. I personally use Google DataStudio for Level 1/2 analysis of search ads performance. It gives me the better understanding … Read more

How Electronic Gadgets Influence Retailers Profit Margins

Due to consumer demand for wireless products and services, as well as rapid consumer acceptance of new digital technology products, the consumer electronics retail business continues to be highly competitive. It is driven primarily by technology and short product cycles. How does the shrinking price for consumer electronics and the rising demand for gadgets, such … Read more

Tallinn Residential Rental Market in-depth Analysis

This post reviews the residential rentals market in Tallinn. It focuses on apartments available for long term rent in all capital’s neighborhoods. The data was collected from 4 sources: After data pre-processing and cleanings has been done, a total of 849 properties were collected from all websites (note, that some listings … Read more

Investing in residential real estate market in Tallinn. Analysis.

This is the followup of the previous post, where we have compared 1-and 2-room apartments for the best investment possibilities. The top investment opportunities with the highest ROI were 2-room apartments in Mustamäe and Lasnamäe for the month of September 2014. What about the rest of the city? How different would the findings be if … Read more