Factors determining Google Ads Quality Score

Quality Score is an important factor in determining Ad rank and CPC in Google Search Ads. Here is a cheat sheet that will help to better understand what influences this factor: Historical performance. Account history – Google takes into consideration, how advertising account has performed in the past. Past keyword performance – in case there’s … Read more

Monitor Google Search Ads Performance with DataStudio

Tracking Google Search Ads account performance can be a hassle. A pretty neat instrument, that can help do it is – DataStudio from Google. It’s a pretty powerful instrument every marketer should at least know about. I personally use Google DataStudio for Level 1/2 analysis of search ads performance. It gives me the better understanding … Read more

CRM software providers comparison

CRM software is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. CRM solutions are becoming more and more popular among both online and offline businesses, as they allow to keep track of the sales, … Read more

The analysis of coupon website MinuValik.ee

This is the analysis of the biggest coupons websites in Estonia – minuvalik.ee As of today, there are total of over 20 coupon websites in Estonia, big and small. They all have their own following on Facebook and promote their campaigns on a regular basis. One of the first coupon deals websites started in the … Read more

Estonian Mobile Operator’s Facebook Photo Likes Analysis (Part 2)

Using the data collected in the previous part, the effectiveness of freebie offers in generating “likes” and “shares” will be analyzed. The effectiveness will be measured simply by the number of “likes” and “shares” received for every post offering free mobile phone or something else since the operators’ Facebook pages were published.  The top 50 image posts … Read more

Estonian Mobile Operator’s Facebook Photo Likes Analysis (Part 1)

This analysis focuses on the Facebook photo likes of three main mobile service providers in Estonia: Elisa, Tele 2 and EMT. The data collected includes all “likes” and “shares” from each photo mobile operators have posted on their page timelines. The main purpose of the research is to find which operators have been able to … Read more