Average iOS app sales price at the auction

Have you ever considered building an iOS application and then selling it?

This looks as a sound business model, especially if you like developing things and not so much promoting them. Also, it is a simple way to get cash from your idea and move to the next one.

One place to sell your apps is Flippa.com. Since the end of 2013 the website offers an option to create a separate auction for apps. The total of 46 successfully completed auctions have been analyzed and the finding are presented below.

Not taking into consideration the top 3 highest valued auctions ($110K, $25K and $20K respectively), the average app price on Flippa.com is $4,046.

The average net profit of these apps is $428. So, basically an app pays for itself in less than 10 months. Also, note that out of the 46 apps, 20 apps didn’t have any profits to report.

Also, Flippa.com has data on the number of all downloads, age and number of reviews left. This data can be used to find out if there is any relationship between one of this data points and the auction winning bid.

To find out the answer, a correlation analysis has been performed. Again the top 3 highest sales were excluded.



The above chart shows that there is no relationship between the sales price and the number of downloads.

The relationship between the number of reviews and sales price is also missing, which leads to the conclusion that applications are being priced on some other factors and each completed auction needs to be analyzed individually.

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