About me

Hey, thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

My name is Anton Sljussarev. I’m a digital marketer from Tallinn, Estonia. Here I share my thoughts on multiple subjects that interest me – marketing, analytics, startups.

I strongly believe in the idea of sharing and helping others. This was also the main driving force behind starting the blog. For me it’s a way to give back to online community, which has tough me so much at the beginning.

I’m an easy going and positive person, always at a lookout for the next interesting thing. This is how I got into online marketing in the first place. After realizing how much passion I have for the field, decided to make it a full-time gig.

My Story

The main things that excites me about online marketing is that it is constantly changing. To stay competitive and on top of your game you have to constantly evolve as well. This forces you to push yourself further, every time becoming a better professional and a person.

I’m a performance marketer by nature. I focus primarily on using paid advertising to generate leads and sales for clients.┬áTo learn more about my past projects check out portfolio page.

In addition to this blog, I’m also a Quara contributor, where I share different thought on various subjects – from marketing to analytics, to general startup idea.

Skills profile