I'm Anton Sljussarev, Growth Marketer

What I specialize on

Everything Growth Marketing related.

Growth Process

Frameworks, planning, tools, initial setup. Hypothesis and experiment evaluation. Requirments to get started.

Growth Methods

Paid and free channels. Content creation and distribution strategies. Communities, ABM, Social Selling, etc.

Growth Analytics

Metrics. What, When, How to measure. NSM, CAC, LTV, CRO, etc. Avoiding traps. Role of CJM.

Growth Research

Products, markets, competition. Identifying value proposition. ICP research. JTBD interviews.

Growth Teams

Who is responsible for what. Different structures and setups. Roles, skills, collaboration, motivation.

Growth Companies

Examples and cases from real businesses. Deep analysis of strategies and tactics. Lessons learned.

Who is my services for?

Growth oriented companies

My approach does not suit every business.
Below are key prerequisites.

Focusing on Results

Growth activities are very data driven. Everything should be measurable and confirmed with numbers. Businesses where that is not possible can

Being Agile

Growth Marketing is about constant experimentation and iteration. It wont work with waterfall approach where all activities are pre-planned 6-12 months in advance.

Avoiding Silos

Growth Marketing focuses on the whole Customer Journey. Strong collaboration between sales, marketing and product is essential. Everyone works towards one main goal.