Using Google Data Studio to monitor AdWords Search performance

Tracking PPC search account performance can be a hassle. So much different data points to analyze, so much things to keep an eye on. Good, when you are able to automate some of the reporting. A pretty neat instrument, that can help do it is – Google Data Studio. Even though, it’s still in Beta and freezes sometimes, its still pretty powerful instrument every marketer should at least know about.

I personally use Google Data Studio for Leve 1 and Level 2 analysis of ad account I’m running. It gives me the better understanding how the account is performing overall and whether it needs immediate attention or not.

My Google Data Studio report has 2 dashboards – Status Check and Details.

Status Check dashboard

The name says it all – this view helps me to better understand how the account has been performing during the last 30 days and what are the trends. At a quick glance I get the general information about account performance, spend, ad position, conversions and most converting campaigns.

Details dashboard

After checking the general 30 day stats, I want to know more details. The key to successful search campaign are keywords. This is also the area of my main focus. The numbers I’m looking at are as follows:

  • Cost per conversion
  • Bounce rate
  • CTR
  • Quality Score
  • Cost (ad spend for the period)

As a rule of thumb I select the most problematic KWs and then deal first of all with those, that have the most ad spend.

Additionally there is some supporting data shown on this dashboard.

  • General Adwords stats
  • General Analytics stats
  • Conversions by ad groups
  • Impression share

Next step

If the account is performing according to determined targets – good. If not, then I would move to analyze the reasons behind using the process outlined in the mind map here.

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  1. Tom Havlik May 17, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Hi Anton,

    I came across and really liked your idea with the mind map – it’s a total deal breaker for me as I have a large account and have to focus on multiple campaigns at the same time. It was hard for me to decide on what to focus first and the mind map really helps with that. So huge thanks! 🙂

    Additionally, your GDS report looks super cool. By any chance, could you share it with me so I could save some time with the report setup?

    Thanks so much again for everything.


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