How many visitors an average company website receives in Estonia

According to the Eurostat data from 2012, 76% of estonian companies operated their own websites. This is basically inline with over european countries – the average for EU is 73%.


Source: Eurostat

Knowing how much of our local companies use websites is one thing, another one is to find out how many of  these websites receive visitors. To find out this data the analysis of data sample was done.


First of all out of the list of 70000 corporate websites, a random sample of 100 individual company websites was selected. The companies operating these websites were coming from different industries – big and small companies. Then, using special analytic tools the number of visits for each of these websites was estimated. The results are below



As it turns out from the above pie chart, a little less than 2/3 of all local corporate websites in Estonia receive less than 500 visits per month, 1/4 of all websites receive less than 2500 visitors and the top 12% of all websites get above 2500 monthly visitors regularly. The biggest local websites, receiving over 5000 visits monthly, only account for 2% of all corporate websites.

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