Domain name sales price analysis based on past Flippa auctions

In my analysis of finished Flippa domain listings, a total of 409 finished listing were analysed. The earliest listing was from 06/11/2006 and the latest 28/12/2014.

During this 8 years the domain only auctions have totally generated about 3,500,000$ in sales for the auction house.

  • The average sales price for domains was 8600$
  • The median sales price was 3850$

Sale price distribution

To see how much of those domains have been sold over the last couple of years, it is worth watching the chart below, which shows the number of successfully finished listings by the year.


Below is the chart of price distribution for all auctions. It doesn’t’ include all domain names, only the names sold below 25000$. Domains priced higher than that will be analysed in another post later.



Auction vs non-auction sales

There are several methods how the auction can be sold on Flippa:

  • Buy It Now Bid
  • Earlier Highest Bid
  • Highest Bid
  • Private Sale
  • Sold by Negotiation

See the pie chart below how these sales are distributed by number of auction and by total value generated:


Type of sale distribution


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